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Implementing Enhanced Privacy Features in DePin

RootNetwork is creating a worldwide secure routing network, using a decentralized privacy protocol, on-chain incentives, and advanced hardware for rapid expansion and enhanced data protection.
Truly Decentralized Anonymity

The RootNetwork will distribute its directory management, ensuring that no single authority can control or disable relays, services, or users, thus maintaining decentralization and resilience.

Built for Services

RootNetwork is set to become the go-to interface for services seeking privacy within our network, eliminating the limitations of exit nodes for seamless, secure operations.

Open Source

The RootNetwork Protocol is freely available as Open Source Software, and we actively welcome public audits to ensure transparency and security.

Who are we

How it works

Mine Through Bandwidth

RootNetwork Relays are rewarded via Proof of Uptime, where earnings are based on a consensus weight agreed upon by the network's active relays.

Gasless, Immutable Distribution

Users on RootNetwork can register their relay using a gasless signature and receive their rewards in real-time on Binance Smart Chain

How it works
The RootNetwork Token is crucial for incentivizing bandwidth contributions and serves as the access key for various ecosystem services, including specialized relays, third-party services, and governance within the RootNetwork platform.
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